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Favorite attractions near twin falls

Shoshone Falls

Shoshone Falls is one of the most spectacular sites in the United States. And, it's just minutes from Blue Lakes Inn.

General Information

Located a short distance from Twin Falls, Shoshone Falls, the Niagra of the West, spills over a rim that's more than 900 feet wide, and plummets 212 feet into Snake River Canyon, below.

The flow over Shoshone Falls can vary greatly, depending on a number of variable, including snowfall levels and the time of year. The falls are most impressive in the spring, when the water levels on the Snake River are highest due to melting snow. In the summer and fall, water upstream from the falls is diverted for irrigation purposes, and the falls are less memorable.

Shoshone Falls is open to the public, year round, road conditions permitting
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Image may be subject to copyright

Shoshone Falls Park

Shoshone Falls Park is on Snake River's south bank at the falls. The park has a spectacular overlook, a number of interpretive displays, and an extensive trail system along the Snake River Canyon Rim. The trails allow you to access Dierkes Lake, as well as the jump site for Evel Knievel's ill-fated jump.

Parking fees are in effect from March through September, and seasonal passes are available. You can even bring an RV to the park, although, only five pull-through spaces are available. And, overnight camping or parking is not allowed. Dogs are welcome, and Shoshone Falls is wheelchair accessible. 

More Information

For more information on Shoshone Falls and Shoshone Falls Park, you can contact the City of Twin Falls at 208-736-2256. Or, simply give us a call. We'll be glad to answer any questions you have about this iconic Idaho attraction.
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I grew up in the area and I ALWAYS bring visitors here. They are always surprised how huge and beautiful the falls are. Most people never see these types of falls in their lifetime. I do recommend that you visit spring to early summer for maximum waterfall effect. Truly stunning.
Must visit Idaho place, Kami B, Trip Advisor