About Blue Lakes Inn

Before the owner, Jim Paxton, made the transformation that gave birth to the Blue Lakes Inn, this 
property was the Weston Inn for many decades. In its day, the Weston Inn was the place to stay in Twin Falls! Jim became acquainted with Rosco Weston, the owner of the Weston Inn, back in the 1980’s. They became friends being that they were neighbors and Rosco did business with Jim’s company Snake River Pool & Spa. It was time for Rosco to slow down and in 2001 Jim acquired the Weston Inn from Mr. Weston. At the same time, Jim entered into a lease of the property to Jim Jürgen, who operated the business on the corner of Falls and Blue Lakes until 2005. In 2005, DL Evans acquired the corner property and demolished the larger Weston Inn building to build their bank. Mr. Jürgen continued to lease the smaller building on the adjacent property where the Blue Lakes Inn is today until the end of December 2012.

The Weston Inn had ran its course and it was time for a complete interior and exterior transformation. The Weston Inn closed in January 2013 for nearly seven months and was stripped to the bone. The Inn was completely renovated and the Blue Lakes Inn was born! Jim and his wife Tami wanted to make the BLI unique, special, and different than any of the franchised properties. They wanted the Inn to be clean, comfortable, and a secure safe place to stay. Jim and Tami were both born and raised in the Magic Valley and still have many friends and family in the area. To bring their vision to light, they enlisted the talented help of Marcia Houston and her associate Marlee Drake of the Nest Veranda Design to create an “Inn-Credible Boutique Hotel.” Marcia and Marlee, along with many others in specialized trades, did an outstanding job creating what the BLI is today.  At the Blue Lakes Inn, we value each and every one of our guests and continue to make improvements based on their feedback. Jessica Sweet, our General Manager, has several years of experience in hospitality management and leads the BLI Team with pride. Each team member cares deeply for every guest and they strive to provide each guest with a comfortable night’s stay and a long lasting memorable impression. We welcome you to the BLI and look forward to being your home away from home!!
Blue Lakes Inn Hotel  |  952 Blue Lakes Blvd. N. Twin Falls, Idaho 83301  |  208.933.2123  |  stay@bluelakesinn.com